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Trinity Black

151.4 dB
60°-120° Robotic Directivity
40 Hz-20 kHz
80,000 Actuations (109 years)
Trinity Black is the latest generation of the industry’s first robotically controlled line source. Stunning SPL and clarity can be precisely controlled with variable coverage in both the vertical and horizontal planes, allowing system operators maximum flexibility in making coverage adjustments after the array is flown. Onboard inclinometers and network-based Auto-Array within PK .dynamics software allow each module to recognize its position and angle within the system, improving accuracy and safety. Intelligibility is dramatically improved through directing the systems energy away from reflective surfaces, as system coverage is adjusted to meet the architectural design of the venue.

Horn loaded 12” transducers manage low frequency response. The mid frequency band is supported by 4 x 6.5” midrange transducers affixed to the patented Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI). Two dual-diaphragm high-frequency transducers, coupled directly to an integrated planar waveguide, significantly reduces distortion across the high frequency band. A 6000 W Class D amplifier maximizes headroom while maintaining crystal clear audio and exceptional output.

The patented CMI Waveguide seamlessly combines mid and high frequencies, coupled with precisely spaced low frequency apertures for smooth and controlled directivity. It allows for variable adjustability from 60°-120° both symmetrically and asymmetrically. Designers can vary the directivity of individual modules within the array to enhance overall system performance.

Flown straight, the directivity is configured remotely using industrial linear actuators with a duty cycle of up to 109 years. Horizontal angles can be set to one of over 30 variable angles allowing for mechanical optimization. Vertical angles are variable with 0.1° accuracy. Finally, a combination of FIR and IIR filters are applied to ensure smooth frequency response in the listening area.

40 Hz-20 kHz

60°-120° Robotic Directivity
5° Symmetric & Asymmetric
0-5.5° Robotic Directivity
0.1° Increments

750 N
10000 N
IP69K (static), IP66 (dynamic)
80,000 Actuations (109 years)

2 x 12" Neodymium Horn Loaded
4 x 6.5" on Coherent Midrange Integrator
2 x 4" Dual Diaphragm Planar Wave

4 Channel Class D
6,000 W
Auto-Switching 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
660 W
UDP over Ethernet

Multipin Amphenol – IP65
powerCON TRUE1 – IP65

117.7 kg/259 lb.
1394 x 355 x 584
54.88 x 13.98 x 22.99
24 Modules
IP65 Connectors
Void-Free, High-Grade Baltic Birch
6061-T6 Aluminum
EXL Polyurea
Powder Coated Aluminum
* Maximum SPL with Pink Noise Crest Factor 4 at 1 m (with limiters & DSP active)

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Trinity Black (Letter)Spec Sheetapplication/pdf381.28ENGDownload 'Trinity Black-Spec Sheet-Letter.pdf'
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Trinity Black (A4)EU Declaration of Conformityapplication/pdf647.68ENGDownload 'Trinity Black-CE Declaration-A4.pdf'
Trinity Black Pattern ControlTechnical Specsapplication/pdf772.50ENGDownload 'Trinity Black Pattern Control.pdf'
Trinity Range Power ConsumptionTechnical Specsapplication/pdf225.10ENGDownload 'Trinity Range Power Consumption.pdf'

trinity black suspension frame


t10 downfill adapter


delta plate


trinity black cart


trinity black cover

Discover Trinity Black

Available exclusively through PK Alliance Hubs

Trinity Black robotic array elements from PK Sound unite class-leading components – including industrial-grade robotic actuators – with cutting-edge engineering, resulting in a truly unrivaled line source solution.

Employing a dynamic four-way design and 6,000 W of output power, Trinity Black’s stunning SPL and clarity can be precisely controlled with variable multi-axis coverage to maximize flexibility and overall performance in any application.

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