About Us

Our Vision

We drive innovation to lead the next generation of live sound.

Our Mission

We combine the principles of sound field control with advanced mechanical design, intelligent electronics, and next-generation software for high-performance systems; optimized in a dynamic workflow.


What Does PK Stand For?

Polar Kinetic

The radial directivity of a loudspeaker resulting from motion

This ethos drives us to engineer and manufacture products at the apex of acoustic performance with unrivaled flexibility in coverage and control. As a result, our system offering will meet the stringent demands of the widest-possible range of applications with the fewest products required.


Our History

Creating powerful experiences

PK Sound was founded in 2009 at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Awarded several patents for the world's first robotic line source system, PK Sound inspired global demand through increasingly high-profile deployments on major tours and festivals, Broadway musicals, and installations in iconic venues and opulent nightclubs around the world.


Our Team

Leading the next generation of live sound

As audiences and applications grow more sophisticated, our entire industry needs to adapt to meet those heightened expectations – and as a technology-focused manufacturer, we need to lead that charge.

Every PK employee is also an owner, and together, we strive to develop technologies that will inspire our customers, push them to meet new challenges, and achieve better results.

PK Sound

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