Core Technology

Building Blocks

PK Sound is committed to continuously pushing the limits of technological advancement. Our entire product range is built on the fundamental process of sourcing the best and most advanced components in their class to engineer the highest-performance, most future-ready loudspeakers on the planet.

Four key technological building blocks make up the foundation of our line source offering.


Converging Technologies

Intelligent system architecture

A design philosophy built on the principles of line source theory with significant advancements in mechanical design. A selection of components that can easily adapt to whatever the future holds.

Robotic actuators, power electronics, future-focused networking, inclinometers, premium transducers & the patented Coherent Midrange Integrator waveguide. Together, they represent the most advanced technological foundation ever realized in a line source system.

Integrated Robotics

Patented multi-axis articulation systems

Integrated linear robotic actuators enable variable, real-time control of the sound field even after an array is flown.

Angles between each line source element can be set with 0.1° of resolution in real time, while horizontal adjustability on each element enables precisely-tapered arrays tailored to any venue or application.


Coherent Midrange Integrator

Patented CMI Waveguide

This solution enables variable horizontal articulation with the widest possible bandwidth while maintaining pristine, distortion-free sound.

A precise pattern of angled apertures ensures mid and high frequencies glide over the waveguide without introducing destructive interference or other unwanted artifacts.


Premium Transducers

Incredible SPL with virtually no distortion.

We meticulously source the best transducers on the market to drive optimal performance from every product we develop.

This begins at the top with Trinity Black's dynamic four-way design and streams down through our entire loudspeaker offering.

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