PK Sound, the robotic line array company, has announced that Tempe, AZ’s Diamond Juice LLC has joined the PK Alliance with an investment in a T10 robotic line source system. In addition to operating a host of popular nightlife venues with existing PK Sound installations, Diamond Juice can now offer T10 and Trinity Black robotic systems to clients in the region while also augmenting its own events and co-productions.

“We’re longtime ambassadors of PK Sound, having installed PK systems in all of the venues we manage in Tempe so that patrons have the best audiovisual experience possible,” begins Scott Wesley Price, owner of Diamond Juice. “Now, as PK Alliance members, we can take advantage of PK’s robotic solutions for our events while also making them available to outside clients that want the advantages of variable, real-time robotic coverage control.”

The new system comprises 16 of PK’s T10 medium-format robotic line source elements, bolstering the eight T10s currently installed in the award-winning Sunbar restaurant and nightlife spot, as well as eight T218 subwoofers and a PK Cell touring rack, which combines power and signal distribution in a scalable, globally standardized package.

T10’s multi-axis coverage capabilities were put to good use for the system’s inaugural deployment at Diamond Juice and popular AZ-based promoter Relentless Beats’ Day One Block Party. Anchored by headliners Gorgon City and Green Velvet, the sold-out event brought thousands into the streets adjacent to Sunbar and nearby ramen, sushi, and nightlife destination Shady Park. Taking advantage of the variable horizontal coverage of each T10 element, a tapered array configuration allowed organizers to precisely direct sound only where the crowd was gathered and avoid nearby residents and businesses.

“We’re excited to bring PK Sound’s T10 robotic system to Arizona and couldn’t have asked for a better chance to test it out than our Day One Block Party,” shares Diamond Juice’s lead sound engineer, Dylan Rasimas. “PK is already a top choice for hard-hitting acts like Gorgon City and Green Velvet, but on top of that, we were able to sculpt the soundfield to ensure fans could enjoy the full impact of the music with minimal noise pollution affecting our neighbours in the downtown area.”

Diamond Juice LLC is a talent-buying and production company based in downtown Tempe, AZ. Its ownership group also operates a host of popular restaurants and nightlife destinations throughout the city, including Sunbar and Shady Park, plus the soon-to-reopen C.A.S.A. and Darkstar – all of which feature PK Sound installations for their stages.

“It’s been a privilege to work with the team at Diamond Juice and all of the venues they operate in Central Arizona over the years,” adds PK Sound’s Trevor Grenier, Global Partner Support. “They go above and beyond to bring their patrons the best in live entertainment, and we’re proud to support them as they take that ethos to the next level with a T10 robotic system, whether it’s augmenting their own events or delivering the PK experience to other productions in Tempe and beyond.”

TOP PHOTO: (L-R) Austin Feldman, Michael Nocera, Duffy Dyer, Shawn Erickson, Christian Loria, Dono Smith & Bradley Rodgers of Diamond Juice Productions with their PK Sound T10 robotic line source system. Photo by Joey Jessen.

CONCERT PHOTOS: Diamond Juice Productions' T10 robotic line source system from PK Sound supporting Gorgon City & Green Velvet at the Day One Block Party in Tempe, AZ. Photos by Olu Rock.