Miami-based production firm True Audio has bolstered its PK Sound inventory with a substantial investment in T10 robotic line source elements and T218 subwoofers. A longtime PK Sound partner, True Audio is now a PK Alliance member and can supply T10 and Trinity Black robotic systems to touring, festival, and event clients throughout the U.S.

“PK Sound is a technological leader in the pro audio industry, and we’ve been a proud partner offering systems at the cutting edge of innovation for nearly a decade,” says Anthony Betancourt, President and CEO of True Audio. “T10 has unmatched output for its size, embodying the impact PK Sound is known for with the added flexibility of robotic multi-axis coverage control.”
True Audio’s inventory now includes 36 T10 modules and 16 of PK Sound’s new T218 intelligent subwoofers, along with a pair of PK Cells, which combine power, signal, and network data distribution in a modular touring rack. That’s in addition to a substantial offering of systems from PK’s legacy CX, VX, and K Series.

“We’re really excited by the performance of the T218 subwoofer,” adds Betancourt. “PK has an international reputation for low-frequency reproduction, and T218 more than delivers on that with clean, dynamic output and all the advantages of onboard DSP, power electronics, and network-enabled auto-ID.”
Established in 2009, True Audio provides sound, lighting, staging, video, and backline services to a myriad of events throughout its home region of South Florida and beyond.

Since their investment, True Audio has deployed T10 systems for high-profile events including Ultra Music Festival, 305 Day, and some of the top-billed shows for Miami Music Week, and augmented their T10s with large-format Trinity Black robotic modules from the PK Alliance for the Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival. They’ve also collaborated on cross-network applications with other PK Alliance partners, including the current NY State of Mind Tour featuring Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Busta Rhymes.

“The team at True Audio has been instrumental in growing our brand and driving demand for PK Sound over the years, so we’re excited about this latest evolution of our partnership,” comments Trevor Grenier, Senior Partner Support with PK Sound. “They’ve proven their expertise with successful T10 and Alliance deployments and we’re looking forward to further expanding our shared success."

PHOTO: The team from True Audio Miami deploying a PK Alliance Trinity Black robotic line source system.