PK Sound, the robotic line array company, is hosting a Global Launch Event for its .dynamics robotic system control software. The online premiere is set for July 13, 2023, and will guide viewers through a complete robotic system deployment in a renowned performance venue. Full details and registration are available at:

“PK .dynamics represents the next stage in PK Sound’s evolution, advancing the intimate relationship between hardware and software with unprecedented end-to-end control to fully realize the potential of our robotic line source systems,” shares Jeremy Bridge, CEO and Founding Partner. “.dynamics combines every stage of the modern live sound workflow in a single application. It offers users unparalleled functionality, from simulation to robotic multi-axis coverage control, tuning, live monitoring, and beyond to ensure optimal performance, flexibility, and safety of deployment in any application.”

The initial toolset provided in .dynamics V1.0 includes: the Venue tab, where users create, simulate, and prepare the virtual workspace; the System tab, where we discover, identify, and match real-world sources with the simulation; Robotics, where the system’s multi-axis coverage is articulated and optimized; Tune, where we apply EQ and adjust system parameters through onboard DSP; Live, where users monitor system performance in real-time; and Status, where we manage diagnostics and log service notes directly in the loudspeaker if needed.

Recorded live at the Bella Concert Hall in PK Sound’s home city of Calgary, Canada, the Global Launch Event will take place at 1pm EDT (GMT-4) on Thursday, July 13th, after which the Mac and PC versions of .dynamics will be publicly available. All who register at will receive a direct link to join the online premiere.