PK Education presents Intro to PK Sound - a general overview of the company, our core technology, and the principles of Line Array Theory on which we've built. Participants will receive training in the following modules:

Introduction to PK Sound

  • Our Vision & Mission
  • Company History
  • Awards & Achievements

Performance Benefits

  • Multi-Axis Coverage Control

Core Technology

  • Patented Technologies
    • Integrated Robotics
    • Coherent Midrange Integrator Waveguide
  • Intelligent System Architecture
  • Premium Transducers
  • Auto-Align Rigging

System Topology

  • Trinity Black
  • T10
  • T218
  • PK Cell
  • .dynamics

Multi-Axis Line Array Theory

  • Why Line Arrays?
    • The Point Source Problem
  • History of Line Arrays
  • Criteria for Variable Curvature
  • Limitations of Line Arrays
  • PK Sound's Multi-Axis Technology

Education Advanced Registration

If you're interested in being at the front of the line to train on the brand new PK .dynamics platform register below and we'll reach out to book your team on the first availability. 

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